Arlyle Schultz I would like to use this tool to show students how to navigate their high school experience
  • You may have already taken some courses that count for high school credit. Did you take Algebra I and/or Geometry in Middle School? No, I did not take Algebra I or Geometry. Yes, I took Algebra I and received a C or higer. Yes, I took Geometry and received a C or higher. Yes, I took Algebra II and received a C or higher.
  • Sign up for Algebra I.
  • Sign up for Geometry.
  • Sign up for Algebra II.
  • Are you interested in continuing in math? Yes. No.
  • After completing Geometry and Algebra II, you will have finished all of your graduation and A-G requirements. You do not have to take more math after you pass those courses. .
  • Are you interested in taking Calculus? (helpful in areas like engineering, physics, and computer science). Yes. No.
  • Sign up for Pre-Calculus so you can be prepared to move on to Calculus.
  • You may be interested in signing up for Statistics. (helpful in areas like marketing, research, and finance). .