I need an antivirus / cyber security solution for my home and office.

Last updated 7 years ago First published 10 April, 2016

Webroot has the answer to all of you security questions of your virtual world. It secures your computer no matter the OS you use. It works for MAC in the same way it works for Windows. More fun is, it secures your mobile devices both in Android and iOS.

I was using different software for my windows and MAC PC security as well as for my smartphone and iPhone. It was really a pain (you know where!) to maintain all those different kinds of antiviruses. When I was fighting with all these antivirus softwares, suddenly I stumbled on webroot. It gave me the antiviruses for all of my devices under one single platform! I can oversee all of my devices' security from anywhere and I can link all my devices through this software.

Webroot secures my office network, too. They can give you security even you have a thousand devices to protect!

My friend Michelle has an MSP (Managed Service Provider) business with a reseller program. She made webroot partner both for her MSP and reseller program. She called me last week and she is really happy with webroot.

Isn't it really exciting?

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  • What do you want to secure? My office network.. My home setup..
  • How big is your office? Average. Small and medium scale business.. Pretty big. Large enterprise. It can get a lot bigger. I need customized solutions..
  • Do you want mobile safety, too? No. I want to secure my sever, PCs and MACs. Yes..
  • Webroot Endpoint protection.
  • Webroot Business mobile security (only for android and iOS, Please see the see the other solution for windows and MAC security)..
  • Are you looking for a security partner? No. I just need security solution for my whole system.. Yes..
  • Which level of security do you want? End-point security (Secures servers and workstations).. Gateway protection (Cloud based security, secures access to the website/system network).. Threat intelligence (Detects future threats in advance and blocks them)..
  • Webroot Next-generation endpoint security. Please follow the link by clicking on the solution to get your required customization..
  • Webroot Proactive web security gateway. Please follow the link by clicking on the solution to get your required customization..
  • BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services. Please follow the link by clicking on the solution to get your required customization..
  • What type of partnership are you looking for? MSP (Managed Service Program) Partner. Reseller Partner.
  • Webroot Channel Edge MSP partner program.
  • Webroot Channel Edge Reseller partner program.
  • Do you want security for your smartphone / tab along with your PC? No. I just want antivirus for my computer.. Yes. I want to protect my user ID and passwords, too..
  • webroot SecureAnywhere® AntiVirus.
  • Do you want a secure online storage? Yes. And, I want to access my online storage from any of my devices and I want to browse anonymous.. No..
  • webroot SecureAnywhere® Internet Security Complete.
  • webrooot SecureAnywhere® Internet Security Plus.

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